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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 103: McDonald's soil solution; Tesla's future fleet

Week in Review

Tune in 8:30 around for a weekly roundup of news.

1. Why investing in low-carbon products makes business sense  

2. The quest to create low-carbon concrete 

3.Tesla, Siemens and the race to map the future of fleets 

4. Renewable gas: the hot new fuel from animal waste? 

Featured stories

1. From "birth to burger," McDonald's quest for sustainable beef (24:50)

The fast-food giant is investing $4.5 million in carbon farming. Filmmaker-turned-sustainability expert Peter Byck and Townsend Bailey, director of U.S. Supply Chain Sustainability at McDonald's, discuss whether the golden arches can become synonymous with healthy soil in Joel Makower's story, "Can McDonald's help solve climate change?"

2.  This regulatory mess (35:35)

Senior writer Cassandra Sweet discusses the five things sustainability leaders need to watch coming out of the Trump administration. Top of mind? Tax reform, of course. 

3.  Private organizations move beyond politics (50:30)

Two Vanderbilt professors ask not what the government can do for the climate, but what the private sector can do to increase environmental action and efficiency. Authors Michael Vandenbergh and Jonathan Gilligan discuss their new book, "Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change."

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