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Episode 113: Mars, GM, BT cultivate supply chains; plus, an (electric) ferry tale

Week in Review

Tune in around 3:55 for a weekly roundup of news.

1. How GM, Mars and Timberland are cultivating smallholder farmers

2. BT is adding a game-changing emissions reduction clause to supplier contracts

3. Managing climate risk with carbon pricing and science-based targets 

Featured stories

1. The seeds of alternative protein (19:55)

The market for plant-based protein is growing like a weed. How do these companies source their ingredients? Associate Editor Anya Khalamayzer speaks with Udi Lazimy, global plant sourcing and sustainability lead at JUST (formerly Hampton Creek).

2. What you should know about electric ferries (28:48)

When it comes to debates about the future of low-carbon public transportation, much of the dialogue centers on the potential benefits of buses or other on-the-road vehicles. But that’s beginning to change. 

In early 2015, technology giant Siemens helped deliver the first fully electric car ferry. Heather Clancy spoke with David Grucza, director of marine solutions at Siemens, about what’s driving adoption. 

electric ferry, siemens
<div class="bx-caption areaBlue"><div><div>The first electric car and passenger ferry in the world, Ampere was equipped by Siemens in cooperation with shipbuilder Fjellstrand. With three battery packs, one on board and one at each pier, it is completely free of emissions.</div></div></div>

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