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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 117: Chip pioneer T.J. Rodgers cultivates 'Internet of plants'; IBM's weather cloud

In this week's edition, we talk water stewardship and finding middle ground in the often polarizing political debate about climate change.

Week in Review

Tune in around 4:55 for a weekly roundup of news.

  1. Why smart irrigation startups are bubbling up

  2. Apple, Dell, Foxconn manage supply chain water risks

  3. Why moderates, not liberals, are environmentalism’s tipping point

  4. Do sustainability tools work? How would we know?

Featured stories

1. Chip pioneer T.J. Rodgers talks up the "Internet of Plants" (20:03)

Best-known for his role in co-founding Cypress Semiconductor back in the early 1980s, electrical engineer T.J. Rodgers is also credited with numerous inventions that apply specifically to smart irrigation approaches he has used for years to cultivate his vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Those developments are now part of a system sold by WaterBit, a technology startup that use solar-powered sensors to automate irrigation schedules.  

2. Forum for the Future CEO Sally Uren on embracing systemic change (27:45)

"Tinkering around the edges" and "Band-aiding solutions" won't work if the world wants to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. Sally Uren shares her formula for disrupting the status quo. 

3. IBM's forecast for a more predictive, responsive grid (34:15)

We catch up with Lloyd Treinish, a distinguished engineer at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center. On our minds: how data analytics can minimize the impact of extreme weather. Plus, the role of technology in tracking climate changes impacts in real time.

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