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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 119: The Ben & Jerry's culture, seeking net zero and a reversal on auto emissions

In this week's edition, we explore the controversy over vehicle emissions standards, effective employee engagement and the ongoing quest for net-zero energy buildings.

Week in Review

Tune in around 7:20 for a weekly roundup of news.

  1. Can the healthcare sector match big tech in going 100 percent renewable?

  2. Inside automakers’ Jekyll-and-Hyde approach to emissions rules

  3. Why do automakers support climate rollbacks?

  4. Why and how to work with your design team

  5. A challenge to creatives: The business case for rebranding efficiency

Featured stories

1. The inside scoop on Ben & Jerry's outgoing sustainability chief (24:25)

Environmental engineer Andrea Asch answered an ad to manage natural resources at Ben & Jerry's back in 1992. Now, after 26 years of leading natural resources and sustainability initiatives, she shares her experiences — and lessons learned — with Executive Editor Joel Makower. Read more of the Q&A here

2. Signs of process on net-zero buildings (36:05)

According to a new report by the industry association New Buildings Institute (NBI), there are nearly 500 verified and emerging zero-energy (ZE) buildings across the United States and Canada — a massive 700 percent increase since the organization began tracking projects in 2012. To deconstruct that progress, we spoke with NBI CEO Ralph Di Nola and Tony Hans, national director of sustainable projects, CMTA Engineers. 

3. The new state of employee engagement (49:25) 

Last week, consulting firm WeSpire released its sixth State of Employee Engagement report, its annual analysis of employee engagement programs. One of the more surprising and sobering findings: There was actually a decline in the number of companies engaging employees in sustainability strategy. What's going on? CEO Susan Hunt Stevens has some theories — and suggestions for reversing the trend. (You can also read Susan's column on the report here.)

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