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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 121: Mega deals in clean energy, P&G's circular geometry, Walmart's EV charging crusade

In this episode, we also contemplate the art of reducing the environmental of popular music festivals, like the massive event concluding this weekend in the Coachella Valley desert.

Week in Review

Tune in around 4:39 for a weekly roundup of news.

  1. P&G’s circular economy strategy now includes water and (yes) diapers

  2. The great democratization of transportation

  3. 5 ways the maritime industry can set a course towards emissions reductions

Featured stories

Catching up with the architect of Hawaii's clean energy plan (20:23)

Rep. Chris Lee helped author the law that saw Hawaii become the first state to mandate 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. Currently the chair of the Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection, he chats with GreenBiz Executive Joel Makower about progress on clean power and the powerful economic imperative connected to the transition. 

What Facebook, Microsoft and L'Oreal have in common (27:36)

Large companies announced deals for at least 1,731 megawatts of capacity in renewable power during the first quarter of this year, in a sign of continued strong corporate demand for clean energy. Catch up on the biggest deals with the new Green Biz Clean Energy Deal Tracker. With insights from Bryn Baker, deputy director for the renewables program at the World Wildlife Fund, and Brian Janous, director of energy strategy for Microsoft.

How your favorite musical festival could reduce its footprint (39:55)

What are the challenges of producing an outdoor event more sustainably? John Marler, senior director of energy and environment for event organizer AEG — the "world's largest sports and live entertainment company" — riffs on the themes. Among the high notes: the potential for energy storage technology. 

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