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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 122: Taking on plastics, both by land and by sea

Week in Review

Tune in around 5:27 for a weekly roundup of news.

  1. How the blockchain could transform sustainability reporting

  2. It won’t be easy, but Hawaii should speed up its transition to clean energy

  3. How Dow Chemical and Boise are taking aim at plastics

Featured stories

The quest to develop solutions for eradicating ocean plastic (13:41)

Shana Rappaport, director of  strategic programs for GreenBiz Group, visits the Alameda, California, site of The Ocean Cleanup, dedicated to advancing technologies that could address the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Dutch inventor Boyan Slat, who founded the organization just five years ago at age 18, chats about potential corporate partners and what's next. 

An Arizona utility embraces the low-carbon future (20:55)

Kelly Barr, chief sustainability for water and electric utility Salt River Project in Arizona, outlines the fivefold focus of the company's 2035 goals and how a series of customer interviews shaped its vision. 

Meet Akira Yoshino, Japanese battery chemist  (26:37)

Key characteristics of the modern lithium-ion battery can be traced back to work in Japan in the 1980s, including by Akira Yoshino, a chemist who helped develop some crucial breakthroughs while at chemical giant Asahi Kasai. For his scientific contributions, Yoshino earlier this month received the prestigious Japan Prize. Here are some highlights of his related interview with GreenBiz Senior Writer and Analyst Katie Fehrenbacher. 

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