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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 137: Greener plastics, electrifying everything and (yes) another blockchain app

Plus, some insight into Southern California Edison's strategy for electrifying transportation and building thermal loads.

Week in Review

Tune in around 6:09 for a roundup of news.

  1. The foreseeable future: How the next generation of mobility will affect cities

  2. How will greener plastics move from lab to market?

  3. 4 cost-effective ways cities can cut carbon and create jobs

Featured Stories

Not your average tech incubator (16:50)

Accelerator Plug and Play, one of the rare Silicon Valley technology incubation initiatives with an explicit focus on clean power and sustainability, this week hosted a demonstration event featuring close to 30 startups. We chat about several that captured our attention.  

Southern California Edison's decarbonization strategy (23:30)

The utility's master plan includes electrifying infrastructure (such as ports), supporting the transition to zero emissions transportation alternatives and finding ways to handle heating and other thermal applications with renewable energy. We catch up with Jill Anderson, vice president of customer programs and services for SCE, at a conference hosted this week by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Can blockchain encourage regenerative agriculture? (29:30)

Regen Network, one of 19 startups that will be featured in the VERGE Accelerate fast-pitch program in October at VERGE 18, is developing a platform that uses blockchain technology to help verify that farmers or agribusinesses are engaging in certain practices that could help improve soil health or even aid with carbon sequestration. CEO Gregory Landua talks about several potential applications.  

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