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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 14: Davos redux, new solar bankrollers and GE's big energy bet

Welcome back to GreenBiz 350, the weekly podcast covering the biggest news in sustainable business.

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GreenBiz week in review

A weekly roundup of the news you need to know about.

Where are the darlings of cleantech now?

Energy storage, the Internet of Things and electric vehicles. Even those with a cursory interest in sustainability have likely heard how all of the above are poised to change the way we impact the planet, but when will actually see these technologies hit the mainstream?

Senior Writer Barbara Grady weighs in with a dispatch from this week's Cleantech Forum in San Francisco: "Driving battery storage, IoT, electric transportation mainstream."

Xerox targets transportation services in L.A.

Just days before announcing a formal split into two separate hardware and services businesses, Xerox rolled out a public-private pilot program in L.A. designed to aggregate and compare the ever-increasing number of transportation options available in cities.

Zipcar, Lyft, Uber, motorcycle? Senior Editor Lauren Hepler runs down the details in the story, "L.A. aims for the future of urban mobility with... Xerox?"

Pondering purpose

What does your business do? Now, what does it really intend to do to impact society? This reevalutation of corporate purpose is at the heart of Senior Writer Mike Hower's new story, "The rise of the purpose-driven business," which analyzes the ways companies like Patagonia, Starbucks and J&J are tapping into the concept to attract talent.

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business.

The climate at Davos

Often hailed as a premier global gathering of the elite — businesses, politicians, academics, celebrities — the World Economic Forum in Davos wrapped up last week, leaving several major issues to consider before next year.

Aron Cramer, the President and CEO of the sustainable business group BSR, weighed in on three specific hotspots to watch.

Finance tech: a boon for solar?

Sure, peer-to-peer payments may be most associated with a convenient way to buy groceries or pay back a friend without cash or cards trading hands.

But as Reporter Keith Larsen explains, a number of financiers in the renewable energy space are now looking to the finance tech boom to cut transaction costs and more efficiently execute solar deals with peer-to-peer loans in the $500,000-$10 million range.

A Current of change

Late last year, GE announced that it was spinning off a new $1 billion energy services company, Current, to build out offerings like commercial LED lighting, energy storage and its industrial Internet platform, Predix. 

Executive Editor Joel Makower caught up with Maryrose Sylvester, CEO of Current and former president and CEO of GE Lighting, this week in San Francisco.

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The State of Green Business, 2016

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