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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 143: ING links Paris Agreement principles to loan decisions, Cargill and Campbell's execs speak up

In this episode, an excerpt from this week's webcast about new GreenBiz research on the future of the sustainability profession. Plus, the second it our series on champion of clean energy equity.

Week in Review

Tune in around 3:45 for a roundup of news.

  1. An approach to making the SDGs personal
  2. To make sustainability real, make it personal
  3. How Chipotle, MGM and Microsoft are trimming food waste
  4. The State of the Sustainability Profession, 2018

Featured Stories

How ING is steering its loan portfolio to support the Paris Agreement (20:30)

In mid-September, European financial services giant ING committed to steering its roughly $576 billion toward investments in technologies, services and business models that support the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature increases to less than 2 degrees Celsius. To steer that strategy, the company created what it calls the Terra approach, a way of measuring the potential impact of an innovation against what’s available to that sector currently. We spoke with Leon Wijnands, director of global sustainability for ING, for more details and about why the bank plans to share that methodology with other banks.

Championing an equitable transition: Rising Sun Energy Center (31:30)

The GreenBiz team is committed to supporting clean-economy organizations that put access and equity at the center of their mission. Our inaugural Clean Energy Equity Showcase at VERGE 18 honors three Bay Area-based organizations doing exemplary work in this area. In the second of three installments, GreenBiz's Shana Rappaport catches up with Jodi Pincus, president and executive director of Rising Sun, a pioneering firm in renewable energy training and residential efficiency initiatives.

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