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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 145: A ballad to Oakland during VERGE 18, clearing the air on carbon removal

Plus, two unique examples of corporate innovation in renewable electricity procurement.

Week in Review

Tune in around 17:24 for a roundup of news, plus a special presentation on "place" by Dawn Danby, co-founder of consulting firm Spherical

  1. A new frontier in wind energy on Native American land, cultivated by six Sioux tribes
  2. Microsoft has figured out a way to reduce risks associated with PPAs
  3. Lessons from Walmart and UPS on electrifying their fleets

Featured Stories

Don't overlook natural paths to carbon removal (35:15)

The imperative from the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is clear: Humankind must move more quickly to take carbon dioxide emissions out of the atmosphere. Kate Gordon, fellow at the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy and partner on the sustainability team of RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners, weighs in about where businesses have an opportunity to make a positive impact most quickly.

We have the tools we need to reduce emissions (45:40)

Former Department of Energy staffer Julio Friedmann has spent much of his career studying pathways for capturing CO2 emissions out of water and air. Now a senior research scholar and lead of the CaMRI Initiative at Columbia University, he weighs in on how businesses can view the infamous greenhouse gas as a potential revenue stream and why the corporate sector needs to stop stalling.

A unique vocal and visual mash-up (52:00)

The Faces[On]Display augmented reality experiment is an interactive art exhibit that uses fast-tracking and facial gesture recognition to create unique performances from Can Büyükberber's immersive artist research residency at Adobe. While we can bring you the visuals, enjoy the VERGE 18 performance by opera singer Amanda Gregory.

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