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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 162: More voices from GreenBiz 19, parsing Lyft's environmental ambitions

Among those featured: Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew and Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp.

Week in Review

Tune in around 5:50 for commentary on this week's stories.

  1. ESG loans broaden access to sustainability-linked financing
  2. What does a Paris-compliant climate change strategy look like?
  3. Here’s how Etsy is tackling e-commerce emissions, a largely unaddressed problem

GreenBiz 19 Highlights

Tune in around 16:39 for a compilation of soundbites from the GreenBiz 19 event last week in Phoenix. 

  1. Gregg Renfrew, CEO of Beauty Counter, on toxic ingredients in the cosmetics and personal care industry. (16:29)
  2. Peter Bakker, president and CEO for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, on reasons that more companies will make the Sustainable Development Goals core to their corporate sustainability strategy. (21:20)
  3. Sally Uren, CEO of the Forum for the Future, on why systems change and sustainability should be intertwined. (23:31)
  4. Vien Truong, president of Dream Corps, on the role of the private sector in advancing environmental justice.  (27:55)
  5. Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, on technologies that will be crucial in fighting climate change. (32:18)


Why Lyft's IPO papers tell us about its environmental commitment (36:02)

Co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer started the ride-sharing company in part to reduce the need for individuals to own their own passenger vehicles. With programs like an initiative to issue carbon offsets for every mile driven, Lyft is talking the right talk when it comes to corporate sustainability. But now that it's going public, the company will be scrutinized more closely. GreenBiz Senior Writer and Transportation Analyst Katie Fehrenbacher analyzes what's realistic — and why there's a long road ahead.

*All music in this episode by Lee Rosevere ("Late Night Tales," "Knowing the Truth," "New Day" and "Keeping Stuff Together")

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