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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 171: CDP's new leader speaks up, Steelcase CSO takes stock, Moody's wants feedback

Plus, behind the renewed interest in measuring the impact of impact investing.

Week in Review

Tune in around 4:16 for commentary on this week's stories.

  1. A tale of two cities, 2030 edition
  2. Coca-Cola bottler experiments with turning emissions into effervescence
  3. Inside the quest to measure the impact of impact investing


Meet the new head of CDP North America (14:55)

At first Dell and later NRG, Bruno Sarda was instrumental in driving sustainability deeper into the mindset of the operations teams. In late April, he was named the new president of CDP North America. We spoke with Sarda about why he made the switch, the role of technology in reporting on environmental, social and governance issues, and what he'll prioritize first in his new position.

What's your exposure? Moody's seeks feedback on assessment tool (28:16)

Jim Hempstead is managing director of global project and infrastructure finance for Moody's Investors Services, and part of its ESG Working Group. We chatted with him about a new tool Moody's is developing to help assess the risk of the transition to a low-carbon economy. "This tool will provide an opportunity to see how different issuers within a given sector are exposed to carbon transition risks, as we've defined them in this report, differently," Hempstead told GreenBiz. "You can have companies in the automobile manufacturing sector being highly exposed to transition risk or being very lowly exposed to carbon transition risks. Just because they're an auto company doesn't mean they get painted with the same risk."

Steelcase CSO: Circular economy goes far beyond closed loop (34:48)

For the past three years, venerable workplace products vendor Steelcase has been investigating how embracing circular economy principles — such as allowing clients to "own" furniture through subscriptions — might affect its long-term vision. "We had a vision that sustainability viewed through this lens, could be integrated into the core of the business," said company's director of global sustainability, Angela Nahikian. "It could do an even better job of delivering value to our customers." Nahikian said the early research has been humbling but has also provided a "sense of roadmap" that has helped Steelcase to envision new revenue possibilities for its event services, as one example. 

* All music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Try Anything Once," "More On That Later," "Wandering" and "Southside."

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