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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 180: Moonshots and a new operating manual for spaceship Earth, a redesign for circular jeans

Week in Review

Tune in around 7:23  for commentary

  1. Shareable scooters may seem sustainable, but are they really?
  2. Why directors are in the crosshairs of corporate climate litigation
  3. How Stanley Black & Decker is using the SDGs to grow a "new-collar" workforce


The Buckminster Fuller Institute's Amanda Ravenhill on planetary boundaries (17:23)

Amanda Ravenhill previously held the role of executive director of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming, and now serves as executive director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. She came to the podcast to talk about the work that must be done to make sure that the "Spaceship Earth" we're all riding is on the correct course. As climate change and overconsumption threaten the world as we know it, we must ensure that we keep our resource use within planetary boundaries.

Are circular jeans in our genes? (29:07)

In 2018, the international jeans market ballooned to $57 billion, with almost 2 billion pairs sold per year. How do we ensure that market is sustainable? The Jeans Redesign Guidelines are a new set of guidelines put out by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the pioneering organization of the circular economy. On the podcast this week is Francois Souchet, who leads the "Make Fashion Circular" Initiative there, and came to talk about the project. The new set of guidelines focuses on garment durability, material health, recyclability and traceability.

The Emerging Leaders scholarship for GreenBiz events (35:29)

The Emerging Leaders scholarship program brought to students and young professionals by GreenBiz Group is in its third year. The program is the opportunity for young people passionate about sustainability to attend GreenBiz's conferences, all-expenses-paid, and to engage with the corporate sustainability community. Tune in for a conversation with associate editor Holly Secon, who runs the scholarship, to hear more about it; she says: "Students that wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet up with those deep in the corporate sustainability network are able to meet, including having some one-on-one time, to foster career connections and opportunities."

*All music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Try Anything Once," "Wandering," "Evening Glow," "Start the Day" and "Credit Roll."

What's new at GreenBiz?

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  • inspiring an equitable, inclusive transition to a clean power grid;
  • laying the roadmap for a zero-emissions transportation system;
  • enabling communities and companies around the world to draw down levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide; and (of course!)
  • creating the framework for a more circular economy.

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