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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 185: Word games, cool planes , Nori's blockchain-driven carbon removal mission

Week In Review

Tune in around 5:30 for commentary.


Demystifying the problem of farm-level food waste (21:25)

The waste associated with "ugly" produce is not often accounted for in figures sizing the problem, but it's not insignificant — it's a $47 billion opportunity on the demand side. GreenBiz editorial intern Cyan Zhong chats with Christine Moseley, founder and CEO of Full Harvest, a business-to-business marketplace that keeps imperfect and surplus fruits and vegetables that don't pass the shelf-beauty test from being discarded.  

Nori wants you to buy a new kind of carbon credit (29:05)

Worried about potential fraud associated with carbon offsets? Blockchain startup Nori first came to our attention last year when it started talking up what it bills as the first marketplace for trading carbon removal credits — ones linked to verified regenerative agriculture practices. We caught up with CEO Paul Gambill in early August, when the company was selected for the Techstars’ Sustainability Accelerator run in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy.   

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Wandering," "4th Ave Walkup," "As I Was Saying" and "I'm Going for a Coffee"

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