Episode 2: Van Jones talks green economics; corporates step up on climate

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Episode 2: Van Jones talks green economics; corporates step up on climate

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GreenBiz week in review

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Carsharing as office perk?

Shared mobility is becoming big business. Or at least that's what automakers such as General Motors and Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler are hoping after inking new deals with residential real estate developers and big corporate office owners, such as Google, who are all looking for creative approaches to transportation in urban and suburban areas.

It's all part of the rapidly changing world of mobility, where technologies related to shared transportation services, electric vehicles and self-driving cars are all accelerating.

The science behind GMOs

Yes, we went there. Genetically modified foods may be widely loathed in the world of sustainable food, but the growing immediacy of global food scarcity is pushing the conversation about the boundaries of food production back into the open.

This week, GreenBiz Editor at Large and former McDonald's sustainability chief Bob Langert broached the issue with a provocative piece on "If science is good for climate change, why not for GMOs?"

Money meets nature

Natural capital. No, it's not just a catchy term for some sort of obscure financial maneuvering; the phrase refers to a growing school of thought around the economic value of natural resources.

Senior Writer Heather Clancy took a look this week at how the concept applies to the tech sector, while Trucost's Libby Bernick focused on doing business in a world marked by water scarcity.

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business.

A conversation with Van Jones

Associate Editor Lauren Hepler spoke with environmental justice advocate Van Jones for a Q&A covering the Clean Power Plan, the market for green jobs and the rise of urban resilience.

His concerns: expanding access to renewable energy; growing clean tech employment across demographic groups; and rethinking the way we talk about the stakes of climate change.

Walking the walk on climate

A new group of 68 companies — American Express, AT&T and Xerox, among many others — have thrown their weight behind an existing group of 13 businesses wrangled by the White House to commit new emissions and waste cuts.

Senior Writer Barbara Grady explains who's in, what they're doing and how it all fits into the momentum generated by Climate Week heading into the COP21 United Nations climate talks slated for December.

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