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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 217: Checking in with CSOs, biodiversity talk, the 'fragility' of auto-centric cities

Plus, McKinsey Partner Dickon Pinner offers advice on how corporate sustainability professions can apply lessons from the COVID-19 crisis to long-term climate strategy.

Week in Review

Commentary on this week's news highlights begins at 8:15.

  1. PepsiCo CSO: We can’t ‘lose sight’ of the long-term crisis
  2. What happens to corporate sustainability amid the COVID-19 crisis? Some reflections
  3. Biodiversity, pandemics and the circle of life
  4. Coronavirus has exposed the fragility of auto-centric cities


McKinsey: How corporate sustainability teams can prioritize in this moment (24:45)

What can the coronavirus crisis teach us about climate change? Dickon Pinner, senior partner with McKinsey and the lead on the consulting firm's global sustainability practice, discusses how the response to COVID-19 could reshape future supply chain strategies and how to make the most of this moment.

Youth rally around Earth Day's 50th anniversary (38:15)

While the celebrations were more muted — and digital — today's youth isn't remaining silent on the need to address the climate crisis. Listen up for a highlight from our interview with Sarah Goody, a youth activist who is part of the lead circle for Youth vs. Apocalypse, a network of young climate justice activists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

*This episode was sponsored by Villanova University. 

*Music in this episode: Banu Kanibelli ("Earth Is My Home, It's Calling") and AdmiralBob77 ("Two Guitars," "Sax, Guitar and Organ at the Club" and "Confederation Line")

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