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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 220: Big business lobbies for clean recovery, the wisdom of John Elkington

Plus, a peek into the world of climate scenario modeling tools.


Week in Review

Commentary on this week's news highlights begins at 6:05.


Climate scenario modeling is getting easier (24:25)

Boston VC firm Clean Energy Ventures created a methodology to help its climate tech portfolio companies measure their emissions reduction potential. We chat with David Miller, co-founder and managing director, about emerging approaches such as the En-ROADS and CRANE modeling tools.

The bottom line on diaper recycling (38:05)

Liz Turrigiano, CEO of Esembly, chats frankly about the behind-the-scenes development of its "sustainable diapering system," including materials choices for its diapers, creams and detergent. 

Why Nestle is lobbying for a green recovery (49:35)

This week, CEOs and executives from more than 300 businesses including Microsoft, General Mills, Nike and Salesforce began to lobby federal lawmakers — asking them to focus on ensuring that future pandemic stimulus packages focus on the transition to a net-zero economy. They're part of LEAD on Climate 2020, a new campaign coordinated by nonprofit Ceres. Here with more details are Anne Kelley, vice president of government relations for Ceres, and Meg Villarreal, government affairs manager at Nestlé. 

The wisdom of John Elkington (1:01:05)

A highlight from Thursday's conversation with the highly respected authority on corporate sustainability, who recently published his 20th book, "Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism." Watch the archived webcast here. Read our book excerpt

*This episode was sponsored by Villanova University. 

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Waiting for the Moment That Never Comes," "4th Ave Walkup," "Thinking It Over," "Curiosity," "I'm Going for a Coffee," "Here's the Thing" and "As I Was Saying"

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