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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 241: Thinking long-term with three sustainability think tanks

Plus, a visit with Natura, a mentor for the new B Lab Builders initiative.


Week in Review

Stories discussed this week (4:08).


Building the B Corp movement (16:40) 

While some large multinationals including Danone and Natura have embraced the B Corp certification, others have been slower to move. That was a catalyst for the new B Movement Builders initiative, launched in September. Marcelo Behar, vice president for sustainability and group affairs for Natura & Co., chats about why his organization became a mentor.

ERM wants to help institutionalize sustainability (26:44)

This week, global consultancy ERM launched the SustainAbility Insitute, created to define, institutionalize and scale sustainability performance. Keryn James, ERM's group chief executive, and Mark Lee, head of the new organization, drop by to chat about the mission. 

Can we use disruption to create true transformation? (35:20)

The past month has seen the publication of dozens of reports highlighting paths to action for corporate sustainability as the world looks forward to life after the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, the Forum for the Future added to that body of work with its map of the multiple pathways ahead of us, "From System Shock to System Change — Time to Transform." We spoke with the forum's CEO, Sally Uren, about what's ahead, and why decisions of the next six to 18 months are critical.

A collaborative approach to "Drawdown" (44:45)

This week also marks the launch of Drawdown Labs, formed to help companies test how to use their resources, partners, employees and customers to reduce carbon emissions, not just avoid it. Some early participants: Allbirds; Google; Grove Collaborative; IDEO; Impossible Foods; Intuit; Lime; and Trane Technologies. Jaime Alexander, director of Drawdown Labs, weighs in on how they're leading. 

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Curiosity," "Keeping Stuff Together," "Night Caves," "How I Used to See the Stars," "Southside," "As I Was Saying" and "Sad Marimba Planet" 

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Resources galore

Lessons in resilience from the produce industry. Subject matter experts from Kwik Lok, Walmart and Second Harvest Food Bank join us at 1 p.m. EST Nov. 10 to discuss responding to disruption and how to balance food safety and security to minimize food waste.

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