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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 247: Biden wish lists, supporting 'intersectional environmentalists'

Plus, biodiversity is in style.


Week in Review

Stories discussed this week (7:35).


What Joe Biden could do to cultivate carbon removal innovation (16:35) 

Nonprofit Carbon180 has plenty of ideas for how the Department of Energy and the Department of Agriculture can collaborate to cultivate new economic opportunities centered on carbon removal. Co-founder and managing director Giana Amador suggests top priorities.

How financial policy could charge up clean energy  (29:00) 

Without Congressional control, President-elect Joe Biden will find it tough to pass ambitious climate action, but he can do much by aligning financial policies to address risks associated with climate-fueling activities. GreenBiz Senior Energy Analyst Sarah Golden offers details. 

Biodiversity in fashion (37:35) 

Liesl Truscott, director of nonprofit Textile Exchange, and Helen Crowley, a Kering sourcing executive serving as an advisor at Conversational International, discuss a new tool to help the fashion and textile industry understand and measure impacts and dependencies on nature in materials sourcing — and make changes to better support biodiversity. 

Inclusive environmentalism (47:37) 

Intersectional Environmentalist, an organization seeking to amplify underrepresented, diverse voices in the environmental movement, is teaming with tea company TAZO on a new internship program. Co-founder Sabs Katz addresses why this issue deserves more attention from companies. Read the whole interview.

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Curiosity," "Knowing the Truth," "And So Then," "Thinking It Over," "I'm Going for a Coffee," "Introducing the Pre-roll" and "Here's the Thing."

*This episode was sponsored by Salesforce and Shell

Resources galore

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