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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 25: Google's green Big Data, virtual reality and supply chains

This week on the GreenBiz 350 podcast: A tech giant talks bridging clean energy and Big Data, virtual reality meets sustainability and coal's latest bankruptcy.

We're back with another episode of GreenBiz 350, the weekly podcast covering all things sustainable business.

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Finally, follow along with the stories, companies and initiatives mentioned during the show with the guide below:

GreenBiz week in review

Tune in at 3  minutes into the episode for a weekly roundup of the news you need to know about.

Peabody, SunEdison and the reordering of energy

Earlier this week, coal giant Peabody energy declared bankruptcy. In the meantime, one of renewable energy's biggest players, SunEdison, is also on the financial brink.

What does it all mean for the future of energy? Editor at Large and former NRG Energy CEO David Crane explains in the piece "For Peabody and SunEdison, requiem and rebirth."

The 'Internet of soil' takes root

There's an Internet for everything these days thanks to the hype around sensor-enabled Internet connectivity to increase efficiency and ease of use with everything from thermostats to cars.

Senior Editor Lauren Hepler reports on the intersection of the Internet of Things and the agriculture tech boom in the story, "The 'Internet of Soil' gets a boost from sensor makers Bosch, Flex."

Shaping metrics that matter

The old days of sustainability goals primed for easy attainment and lacking in scientific weight are on the way out, according the Senior Writer Mike Hower.

Instead, companies are increasingly looking to up the ambition.

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business. Tune it around 18  minute and 38.5  minute to hear this week's features.

Could virtual reality help us see the future of sustainability?

What do geeky gamer headsets have to do with the environment? With the advent of advanced virtual and augmented reality technology, the connection could be stronger than it seems.

Senior Writer Heather Clancy explains in the primer "GreenBiz 101: Virtual reality meets sustainability."

Google goes big on environmental data with CDP

On the heels of a Bay Area welcome party for CDP (the Carbon Disclosure Project, for the uninitiated), the UK-based organization convened a group at a Silicon Valley outpost of Google to talk about the ways data could converge with clean energy and carbon footprints.

Senior Writer Barbara Grady lays it all out in the story "Why are Google, CDP and the Navy in the same room?"

What's new at GreenBiz?

News, events, webcasts — the list goes on. Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest in sustainability by keeping up with GreenBiz.

Going in circles

Interested in extending the life expectancy of your products and cutting down on material consumption? Don't miss a free April 19 webcast on "Product Stewardship and the Challenges of a Circular Economy."

Pack your bags

What happens when tech and sustainability collide? Find out at VERGE Hawaii June 21-23 in Honolulu.

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Technical direction for GreenBiz 350 by Sureya Melkonian.

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