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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 268: Doing the math on net zero; taking food waste off the menu

Plus, insights into Autodesk's carbon pricing strategy and a peek into the upcoming VERGE Electrify.


Week in Review

Stories discussed this week (4:30)


Doing the math on net zero (21:30)

What companies are showing true ambition, and which could do more? Jim Giles, food and carbon analyst for GreenBiz and conference chair for our new VERGE Net Zero, debuting in July, names names. 

It's electric (33:50)

Interest in the electrification of transportation, buildings and industry is accelerating. Katie Fehrenbacher, GreenBiz transportation analyst and co-chair of the new VERGE Electrify event May 25-26, chats about how that's affecting the lives of fleet managers and the intersection of EVs and microgrids.

What's on the menu at Sodexo (42:15)

The food service company has promised to halve food waste by 2025. How's it faring? We get an update from the person leading Sodexo's LeanPath food waste mitigation program, Jude Medeiros, with the office of corporate responsibility.

Autodesk's design for carbon removal (49:10)

The powerhouse in software for product, building and infrastructure design is careful about balancing offsets and actual investments in carbon removal solutions — and its customers are at the center of that vision. Highlights of our recent interview with Ben Thompson, director of sustainable business for Autodesk. 

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "Curiosity," "Sad Marimba Planet," "As I Was Saying," "Small Steps," "Night Caves," "More on That Later" and "Southside"

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