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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 27: Chemicals for the circular economy; milk from peas?

GreenBiz 350 podcast this week: A Bayer materials spinoff looks to close the loop on carbon, and the founder of Method turns to plant-based protein.

We're baaaaack. This week's GreenBiz 350 podcast brings you the latest in sustainable business, including the role of carbon in the circular economy craze and the future of food.

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Finally, follow along with the stories, companies and initiatives mentioned during the show with the guide below:

GreenBiz week in review

Tune in at three minutes into the episode for a weekly roundup of the news you need to know about.

Big green business career moves from Facebook to private equity

It's been a busy spring in the world of sustainable business, from Facebook poaching ex-DARPA head and Google advanced technnology vet to former NRG Energy CEO David Crane getting a new gig in private equity.

Lauren Hepler lays out the landscape in this month's Names in the News column: "Big hires at UPS, Facebook, SolarCity; ex-NRG boss David Crane's new gig."

What can businesses learn about saving money from nature?

As the concept of natural capital — assigning financial value to business impacts on the environment — gains currency among large companies such as Apple and Dow Chemical, the Nature Conservancy is stepping in to help translate what businesses can learn from nature.

Senior Writer Barbara Grady explains in, "TNC's plan to teach companies how copying nature cuts risk."

Live from the solar plane that crossed the Pacific

This week marked a major milestone for clean-tech innovation as the Solar Impulse 2 plane completed a flight from Hawaii to California, powered only by the sun.

Executive Editor Joel Makower recapped his mid-air interview with pilor Bertrand Piccard in the story  "Clean tech and innovation: Solar Impulse's view from 10,000 feet."

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business. Tune it around 16:00 and 24:30 to hear this week's features.

Drink your peas, help save the planet?

What happens when you combine a green chemist with a background in biofuels and the founder of a juggernaut like green cleaning company Method? You get a new entrant in the growing alt-protein market. Ripple Foods this week unveiled a dairy alternative formulated from water- and carbon-saving yellow peas.

Senior Writer Heather Clancy caught up with Ripple Co-founders Adam Lowry and Neil Renninger for the piece "Why Method's co-founder wants you to drink your peas."

Bayer spinoff Covestro and the rise of circular chemistry

Material science is a crucial ingredient in the push for a "circular economy," where product components are cycled back through supply chains to cut down on environmental impacts.

Lauren Hepler covers how Bayer offshoot Covestro is looking to make its mark on circular chemistry: "Can Bayer spinoff Covestro clean up chemicals for the circular economy?"

What's new at GreenBiz?

News, events, webcasts — the list goes on. Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest in sustainability by keeping up with GreenBiz.

Tech meets sustainability

What happens when tech and sustainability collide? Find out at VERGE Hawaii June 21 to 23 in Honolulu. Can't make it? Mark your calendar for VERGE 2016, happening Sept. 19 to 22 in Santa Clara, California.

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