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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 291: The economics of climate tech, Microsoft's new emissions accounting app

Tune in for highlights from the mainstage of VERGE 21.


This week's run time is 45:24.

Voices from VERGE 21 (19:50)

Replaying keynote conversation highlights from our four-day online event this week. Find coverage of VERGE 21 here. This week's feature includes:

  • Margaret Klein Salamon, executive director of the Climate Emergency Fund — Reflecting on a new movement of changemakers, and why philanthropy needs to change its stripes
  • Justin Winters, co-founder and executive director at One Earth — On why it's important to support local "solutionists" and women with answers for the climate emergency
  • Chris Sacca, founder and chairman, Lowercarbon Capital — On what is motivating the frenzy of funding in climate tech. In this clip, he talks about how C-suite executives are looking at this strategy
  • Suzanne Singer, founder, Native Renewables — On how corporations can better prepare for dialogues with Indigenous communities
  • Shalanda Baker, deputy director, energy justice, U.S. Department of Energy — On the role of supplier diversity in the energy transition and how corporations can become better at engaging local communities in the process.
KPMG's big ESG services investment (31:50)

In early October, KPMG announced plans to invest $1.5 billion over the next three years in services and resources intended to support its clients in advancing environmental, social and governance strategies. Jane Lawrie, global head of corporate affairs for KPMG, joins to chat about what's driving the new strategy as well as the firm's own goals. 

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "And So Then," "Introducing the Pre-Roll," "Not My Problem," "Waiting for the Moment That Never Comes" and "Southside"


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