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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 297: Reflections on 2021 and what's to come

Plus: The sustainability job market is hot for entry-level, early career and mid-career professionals, too. It just can be a lot harder to see.


This week's run time is 43:14.

Reflections on 2021 (29:25)

A compilation of year-end commentary from the GreenBiz analyst and editorial team.

  • Jim Giles, vice president for net zero — Pricing in the voluntary carbon markets
  • Suz Okie, circular economy analyst — Policy begets unexpected progress
  • Theresa Lieb, food systems analyst — Partnering with farmers
  • Sarah Golden, senior energy analyst — The true value of clean energy and resilience
  • Jesse Klein, associate editor — The intersection of food systems and nature
  • Sherrie Totoki, director of startup programs — Explosion of climate tech funding
  • Lauren Phipps, vice president and senior analyst, circular economy — Lagging packaging commitments
  • John Davies, senior vice president — The strength of corporate sustainability programs
  • Deonna Anderson, senior editor — Embedding circularity into business operations

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: "And So Then," "Start the Day," "Keeping Stuff Together," "Not My Problem."


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