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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 312: European energy security, circular buildings

BusinessGreen editor in chief James Murray discusses how the Ukraine power is writing the rules for energy security in European, and GreenBiz Senior Analyst John Davies chats about salary dynamics for corporate sustainability professionals.


This week's run time is 42:53.

European energy security in the spotlight (24:40)

James Murray, editor in chief of BusinessGreen, drops by with an update on how the Ukraine war is affecting the already-high cost of natural gas and other energy across the continent and in the United Kingdom — and the impact for the clean energy transition. Is there a silver lining? The realization that relying on fossil fuels from possibly hostile petro-powers is a misguided strategy.

Are you making what you're worth? (34:10)

John Davies, vice president and senior analyst for GreenBiz, takes us inside the results of the latest State of the Profession survey of corporate sustainability professionals. The heightened focus on ESG over the last two years has brought a "Great Expansion" across many large corporations.


*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere: “Quirky Small Town Characters,” “Where Was I,” “Start the Day” and “Southside. ”


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