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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 329: European expansion, geopolitics and sustainability

Plus Walmart's would-be role as circular packaging matchmaker.


This week's run time is 34:02.

Heading to Europe (23:40)

Lori Gustavus has signed on to lead GreenBiz Group's European expansion, which will begin next month with the inaugural meeting of the GreenBiz Executive Network for the region. Prior to joining GreenBiz, Paris-based Gustavus served for eight years at sustainability consulting firm Quantis in global communications, marketing and strategy leadership roles. She talks here about her hopes for the new network and the wider GreenBiz expansion into Europe.

*Music in this episode: Lee Rosevere: "And So Then," "Not My Problem," "Introducing the Pre-Roll," "Let That Sink In."


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