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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 338: Women raise voices at VERGE 22

This episode features VERGE 22 keynote speakers Paris Agreement negotiator Christiana Figueres, behavioral scientist Sweta Chakraborty, marine geologist Dawn Wright and more.


This week's run time is 28:46.


Featuring highlights from the keynote stage of VERGE 22.

  • Sweta Chakraborty, president, We Don't Have Time — The dual crisis of communications and climate
  • Christina Figueres, founding partner, Global Optimism — The concept of deep listening
  • Alexandria Villasenor, co-founder, U.S. Youth Climate Strike — Why companies need to ditch the politics of professionals
  • Charisma Acey, associate professor, U.C. Berkeley — The inequity of climate research
  • Dawn Wright, chief scientist, Esri — What’s the outlook for deep-sea mining?
  • 'Aulani Wilhelm, assistant director for ocean conservation, climate and equity, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President — Why we need to step up research about the ocean’s deepest depths

*Music in this episode: "And So Then" and "Southside"


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