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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 339: Politics, policy and COP27

Featuring conversations with California Sen. Scott Wiener and Maya van Rossum, a veteran environmentalist and the founder of Green Amendments for the Generations.


This week's run time is 36:40.

The international politics of climate (5:45)

BusinessGreen Editor in Chief James Murray reflects on the upcoming COP 27 gathering and weighs in on the climate priorities of the U.K.'s new prime minister, Rishi Sunak.

A policy view from the Golden State (13:30)

California Sen. Scott Wiener, who represents District 11 in San Francisco, weighs in on the anti-ESG wave in certain red states, the retirement system's role in sustainable finance and the state's evolving climate priorities.

You have the right to a clean environment (18:45)

We chat with Maya van Rossum, a veteran environmentalist and founder of Green Amendments for the Generations, a national nonprofit that aims to encourage the passage of Green Amendments to the constitutions of every U.S. state.

*Music in this episode

Coma-Media: "Chill Abstract (Intention)," "Soft Beat."
RomanBelov: "Spirit Blossom"
DayFox: "Weeknds"
Lee Rosevere: "Let That Sink In."


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