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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 341: COP27 reflections, industrial resource efficiency

On this week's episode, we hear from executives at Citi, Danone, Mastercard, Nestle and Suzano. Plus, venture capitalist Melissa Cheong of Blackhorn Ventures makes the case for startups redefining industrial resource efficiency.


This week's run time is 46:53.


Co-host Joel Makower speaks with executives who attended COP27 in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, asking them to reflect on what success would look like for the important climate gathering and why it was worthwhile to attend. Here are those who commented (listed alphabetically by company):

  • Davida Heller, head of sustainability strategy, Citi
  • Henri Bruxelles, chief sustainability and strategic business development officer, Danone
  • Mike Froman, vice chairman and president, strategic growth, Mastercard
  • Owen Bethell, environmental impact lead, Nestle
  • Christiano Oliveira, executive manager of new business, Suzano
FEATURES (27:15)
This VC is all about industrial resource efficiency

Blackhorn Ventures is unique in the universe of climate tech VCs. For one thing, it focuses on enterprises that are "redefining industrial resource efficiency" — which doesn’t generate quite as many headlines as blockchain firms or battery recycling startups. We speak with Melissa Cheong, the firm's managing partner, to discuss that investment thesis.

Music in this episode

Lee Rosevere: “And So Then.”
DayFox: “Weeknds”
Coma-Media: “Soft Beat.”


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