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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 342: Real estate sustainability meets EV charging, Trillium talks ESG

Hear from financial firm Trillium Asset Management's head of ESG strategy and real estate company Veris' lead on sustainability and ESG.


This week's run time is 49:55.

Talking ESG and investment impact with Trillium (22:25)

Trillium Asset Management, founded in 1982, was one of the first investment firms with a dual mandate from its inception: To pursue returns, while delivering sustainability impact. Grant Harrison, director for sustainable finance and ESG at GreenBiz, sat down with Elizabeth Levy, the firm's head of ESG strategy, to learn more about her view on what ESG is if there's "no such things as ESG investing," and more about the active manager's engagement and advocacy practices.

Why this real estate company is big on EVs (34:45)

Karen Cusmano, senior vice president and head of sustainability and ESG for Veris Residential, chats about why the real estate company has made EV charging infrastructure a big part of its climate agenda.

Music in this episode

Lee Rosevere: And So Then," "Introducing the Pre-Roll," "Quirky Small Town Characters," "Let That Sink In."
Roman Belov: "Spirit Blossom"


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