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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 344: Sustainability professionals share hopes for 2023

We asked sustainability professionals to share their hopes for 2023. From carbon market standards to a better system for managing risks, here are their audio responses.


This week's run time is 32:23.

YOUR HOPES FOR 2023 (20:15)

As the year winds down, we asked listeners to share 1-minute-long audiograms, answering the following question: "As a sustainability professional, what is your hope for 2023?" Tune in for the first installment of responses. The rest will be published Jan. 6.

  • David Antonioli, CEO of Verra — Clarity and integrity for carbon credits
  • Meredith Reisfield, director of sustainability policy and strategic partnerships at Indigo Ag — Speed and scale of action
  • Tricia Carey, chief commercial officer at Renewcell — Collaboration and circularity
  • Vidha Dixit, sustainability consultant with Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Business — Consumer packaged goods company and the closed loop economy
  • Rachel Delacour, CEO and Cofounder at Sweep — Carbon data as as business transformation tool
  • Kevin Dole, senior sustainability advisor with Green Impact — Carbon software market maturation
  • Clare Gallagher, national sustainability manager at Built — Measuring embodied carbon
  • Sarah Reed, director of programs at the Electrification Coalition — Expansion of EV adoption
  • Jameson Hartman, vice president of RET Ventures — EV charging in low-income communities
  • Laura Zizzo, CEO and co-founder of Manifest Climate — Climate risk will become managed as a true business risk
  • Nora Lovell Marchant, vice president, global sustainability at American Express Global Business Travel — Make climate a CFO issue
Music in this episode

Lee Rosevere: "And So Then," "Southside."
Roman Belov: "Spirit Blossom."
ComaStudio: "LoFi Beat."


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