Episode 38: NASCAR's vegan hippie chick; carbon removal ramps up

GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 38: NASCAR's vegan hippie chick; carbon removal ramps up

GreenBiz 350 sustainable business environmental podcast

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The latest episode of the weekly GreenBiz 350 podcast takes you on a whirlwind tour of sustainable business, from NASCAR to the companies leading the carbon removal wave to the burgeoning smart city job market.

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Finally, follow along with the stories, companies and initiatives mentioned during the show with the guide below:

GreenBiz week in review

Tune in at 2:30 minutes into the episode for a weekly roundup of the news you need to know about.

How to stay sane in corporate sustainability

As the former chief sustainability officer at McDonald's, Bob Langert is all too familiar with the feeling that corporate sustainability executives operate in an isolated echo chamber. His solution? "3 P's for leading the insanity of sustainability."

Curbing climate-polluting cooling substances

Refirgerants used in building heating and cooling have long been a target of regulators concerned about emissions released in the process. But as Senior Writer Heather Clancy reports, companies are increasingly balancing that mandate with ever-more-urgent climate issues and energy use.

5 jobs for the cities of the future

Does your city have a chief resilience officer? What about a night mayor? Senior Editor Lauren Hepler takes a tour of the fast-evolving world of staffing up for smart cities in a piece on "5 jobs that could save cities."

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business. Tune it around 14:20 and 33:30 to hear this week's features.

NASCAR's self-described "vegan hippie chick"

Leilani Münter isn't your typical racecar driver. Aside from being one of few women in the sport, she's a staunch environmentalist and avowed vegan.

Executive Editor Joel Makower caught up with Münter this week for a resilience-focused event in Sun Valley, Idaho, to hear more about how she balances auto racing with her beliefs on sustainability.

Has the carbon removal boom arrived?

As Senior Writer Mike Hower reported this week, carbon capture and storage are fields quickly attracting new entrants ranging from oil incumbents to much smaller (and greener) upstarts.

To make sense of the carbon capture boom — and the longer-term vision for "carbon removal" — GreenBiz spoke with Noah Deich, executive director of the Oakland-based nonprofit Center for Carbon Removal.

What's new at GreenBiz?

News, events, webcasts — the list goes on. Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest in sustainability by keeping up with GreenBiz.

Eco Finance meets Twitter

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