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Episode 44: A groundswell for community solar; Langert's leadership lessons

Welcome to this week's GreenBiz 350 podcast, where we bring you the news you need to know about sustainable business.

We're all gearing up for VERGE 16 in Santa Clara, CA next week. This is our big annual event covering the convergence of technology and sustainability. This year, we've also added a new summit series covering the circular economy, next-gen buildings, sustainable transportation and the utility of the future. (Tune into minute 26:20 to hear VERGE Director of Engagement Shana Rappaport describe why we've added the summit series to the program.)

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GreenBiz week in review

Tune in at 4:00 minutes into the episode for a weekly roundup of the news you need to know about.

Can $1 million and 9 months birth equitable cities?

GreenBiz Senior Writer Lauren Hepler covered the launch of the new Future Cities Accelerator, a parternship of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Unreasonable Institute that aims to solve the systemic woes on the urban poor. Sean Kuusinen, the Unreasonable Institute's director of Accelerators & Internal Operations describes the link between climate change its impact on low income populations in cities.

The VERGE Ecosystem Map

We released a new infographic called "The VERGE Ecosystem Map" in an attempt to describe and organize the vast world of sustainable technologies and the companies involved. (Click here to see a full-size image.)

Meet the 22-year-olds tackling our plastic waste

Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao (both of whom will be at VERGE 16 ) have been tackling the problem of non-degradable plastic since they were kids, and their work has paid off in the form of the new company called BioCellection. GreenBiz Senior Writer Barbara Grady delved into the nitty-gritty of the process they've developed where a form of bacteria breaks down plastic in "Meet the 22-year-olds tackling our plastic waste."

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business. Tune it around 15:15 and 30:35 to hear this week's features.

Advice from a corporate sustainablity vet

After almost three decades of working to make McDonald's more sustainable, Bob Langert has written a series on the leadership lessons he'd like to impart onto his peers in the industry.  

Part 1: Sustainability leadership amid fear and pressure

Meet the ex-White House official growing the market for community power

GreenBiz Senior Writer Lauren Hepler spoke to Michelle Moore (hey! she's going to be at VERGE too!) about her work leading Groundswell as it expands renewable energy access to the rural south.

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