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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 80: Sustainable tourism, VERGE Hawaii preview, the coming electric bus

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Week in Review

Tune in around 3:25 for a weekly roundup of news.

1. The long and winding road to sustainable tourism

2. 10 minutes with Tom Murray, EDF+Business

An in-depth look at stories changing the game for green business. 

Uncertain times for global business (16:15)

Is the postwar ascendance of multinational corporations irreversible? Allen White, vice president and senior fellow at the Tellus Institute, examines where the future of big business is going in "The fate of global corporations in an anti-globalist world."

Sustainable Islands (23:45)

From Hawaii's Molokai to Samso, Denmark, islands are becoming a hotbed for experimentation with renewable energy, waste reduction and water conservation. Lauren Hepler has the details in "Fossil-free islands: A blueprint for sustainable development?"

Elaine Hsieh on Hawaii's clean energy mandate (33:00)

30 Under 30 millennials on circular economy, connection and social equity (39:30)

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• We hope to see you at VERGE Hawaii next week. If you aren't able to join us June 20-22 in Honolulu, sign up for the free virtual event to learn the latest trends and technologies driving our 100 percent renewable energy future.

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