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Episode 9: How activists view business at COP21; Where the jobs are


The United Nations' COP21 climate summit in Paris may be over, but the work to hash out its repercussions has only just begun. And it will be ongoing for years to come.

This week, we look at the world of sustainability post-Paris. We'll hear about the role cities played, and the commitments they made, during COP21; and about some potential shifts in the job market in COP21's wake. We'll also listen to diverse persepectives from environmental activists on how they perceive the role of business in climate solutions. 

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The role of cities COP21

Shana Rappaport, Director of Engagement for GreenBiz's VERGE conference, identified cities as an entry point for public-private parnterships on climate leadership in her report from Paris "4 city initiatives out of COP21, and what they mean for business."

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business.

Job market shifts post-COP

Ellen Weinreb, CEO of the executive search and consulting firm Weinreb Group and GreenBiz "Talent Show" columnist, visited the GreenBiz studio to talk about the changing job market post-COP. Her assessment: The trillions of dollars being poured into climate mitigation R&D will act as a stimulus for more businesses and jobs related to sustainability. The bad news: the jobs won't happen right away.

How NGOs perceive corporate climate commitments

While in Paris, GreenBiz's Shana Rappaport spoke to a sample of the environmental activists that had converged at COP21. Her assignment: learn how civil society perceives corporate climate strategy and commitments.  

Jamie Henn of  and Tom Price of All Power Labs give their perspectives on business' role in climate action and describe their hopes for how business will transition in the next few years.

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