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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 96: Blockchain blasts off; cities embrace AVs

Week in Review

Tune in around 5:40 for a weekly roundup of news.

1. 8 more blockchain experiments you should watch

2. Is blockchain the singularity point for the environment?

3. Despite innovation, chemicals sector is slow on Paris goals

4. Powering Puerto Rico back to life, with PRIDE 

Featured stories

An in-depth look at stories changing the game for business and sustainability.

1. Paul Hawken, Leah Seligmann and the language of climate change (17:30)

This year, Paul Hawken helped produce "Drawdown," a bestselling book presenting the most effective ideas to reverse climate change. California's Marin County board recently voted to take actionable steps outlined in the book to trade its negative environmental impacts for ones that are positive for the community and the planet. Hawken and Leah Seligmann, director of the Net-Zero Initiative that aims to drive CEO commitment to climate action, bring different perspectives on getting to one very important goal. 

2. San Jose becomes a hotbed of autonomous vehicles (31:00)

Cities will be the first adopters of autonomous vehicles: From San Jose to Los Angeles, Columbus to Detroit, they are planning for the next wave of mobility and its effects on pedestrians, cyclists, deliveries and more. How can a city introduce new services like getting homeless veterans to job opportunities and expectant mothers to healthcare appointments? Shireen Santosham, San Jose's chief innovation officer, discusses her job of bridging future mobility opportunities with realistic pathways to get there. 

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