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First Look Studios Cuts Paper Use, Plants Trees

a href="">First Look Studios is taking on two initiatives to help the environment: cutting its paper use and planting trees.

The film studio will begin distributing screener copies of its movies in Flip-Paks created by Shorewoood Packaging. Not only will the new packaging reduce paper, they will also make recycling easier.

The Flip-Paks are DVD holders made entirely out of 100 percent recycled paperboard, eliminating plastic typically used to hold discs in place. In addition, marketing information, as well as recycling information, will be printed on the packaging.

"At First Look we are focused on more than just profits," said First Look COO Dean Wilson. "This initiative is extremely important to the studio and our staff. We will also look to our business associates to continue this effort through to the consumer and beyond. The future depends on our environmental responsibility."

First Look and Shorewood also plan to support a tree-planting program to offset the emissions generated by the manufacture of one million DVD packages.

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