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Free Guide Helps Investors Select Ethical and Responsible Investments

a href=>… World Group has published a new guide aimed at helping investors choose economically sound and socially and environmentally responsible investments.

The 20-page guide, entitled “Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds,” examines social and environmental screening of companies as a way to identify sound investment options.

“At a time of unprecedented cynicism about corporate ethics, this guide is a valuable resource for the individual investor whose faith in Wall Street has been shaken to the core,” said Jay Falk, president of SRI World Group. “Investing based on one’s values is anything but naïve. In fact, it is a shrewd and prudent way to identify solid long-term investments.”

The guide gives an overview of investing in SRI mutual funds, covering fundamentals such as asset allocation, investment style, and the different types of SRI mutual funds. It also explains how different funds integrate social and environmental criteria into their investment strategies.

“A number of SRI funds try to change corporate behavior by conducting dialogue with companies and by submitting shareowner proposals, and many others invest capital in distressed urban and rural communities,” said Falk. “This guide helps investors identify those SRI mutual funds that act in accordance with the investors’ values and beliefs.”

The free SRI Mutual Funds Kit also includes prospectuses and informational materials about funds offered by several socially responsible mutual fund companies.

In tandem with the release of the free SRI Mutual Funds Kit, SRI World Group is launching a revised version of its Web site,, which offers social and environmental research on over 1,800 companies.

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