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Gov't Expedites IT Power Management Software Purchases

BigFix Power Management and the U.S. General Services Administration yesterday announced a program to provide discounted licenses of BigFix's computer power management software as part of the GSA's SmartBuy procurement program.

The GSA will determine how many of its 15,000 laptop and desktop computers can run the BigFix software, and will then purchase licenses at the rate of $3 each. BigFix estimates that running the power management software can save $50 per year, per computer; if all of the GSA's machines run the software, the agency could save up to $750,000 per year.

BigFix's software allows IT administrators to put in place energy conservation policies across a range of computers; whether its instituting auto-sleep functions for iding computers or powering down all machines during non-working hours. The software allows administrators to wake systems as needed to administer software or security updates.

The agreement was developed as part of the GSA's SmartBuy program, which allows the agency to purchase software at discounted rates. Among the other software included in the program are database and supply chain management programs, security and encryption software.

The BigFix announcement is the latest in recent moves to spread PC power management software adoption. Last week, Microsoft said it would urge its Windows users to download and use a newly launched, free version of Verdiem's power management software, called Edison.

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