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The Green Grid Clears Three Key Research Hurdles

The Green Grid's Technical Committee completed three key deliverables that will help the consortium in its quest to make IT more energy efficient.

The Green Grid announced in August a roadmap outlining a series of studies it planned to complete. The deliverables announced Tuesday include: Qualitative Analysis of Power Distribution Configurations for Data Centers; Existing Data Center Energy Efficiency Metrics; and an updated version of the Data Center Efficiency Metrics White Paper.

The three research pieces are available only to its membership, which has grown to 102 since the organization was formed in February.

"The research we're making available to members today highlights our emphasis on first evaluating and then improving upon best practices in today's global data center environments," said The Green Grid Director Rick Schuckle.

The Green Grid identifies seven high-level configurations for data center power distribution and consolidates the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The second technical report is the industry's first glimpse at all existing organizations and metrics used for data center energy efficiency. The Green Grid will use it to choose which areas have the greatest need for energy efficiency metrics.

The updated white paper is based on The Green Grid's document released in February. It more explicitly highlights infrastructure efficiency; the organization expects the Power Usage Effectiveness and Datacenter Efficiency metrics to be adopted by the industry to track and report efficiencies. The Green Grid is also working on creating metrics for data center productivity.

Also on Tuesday, The Green Grid signed a memorandum of understanding with The Information Technology Industry Council, an public policy advocacy group.

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