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Green Leases from Verari to Make Energy Efficient IT More Accessible

Verari Systems, a blade computing developer, has announced a new program through its Financial Services Group to offer customers a life-cycle approach to asset management and green IT adoption.

Verari's Green Leasing Program aims to analyze a company's IT needs within the framework of cost considerations, technology refreshes and the current state of the art for data center server and storage solutions.

"VFS' Green Leasing Program makes it easier for customers to manage a holistic approach to life cycle management,” Verari Financial Services Group vice presdident Gerald M. Conboy said in a statement. "What customers should recognize, however, is how this type of integrated leasing solution mitigates risks across the entire organization, not just IT. This is particularly important given increasing compliance requirements, skyrocketing data center energy consumption, and a renewed CEO commitment to the environment."

The program will help companies purchase new IT equipment through the leasing process, but will also handle tech refreshes, asset recovery and cashing in on energy credit incentives. As a result, Verari aims to significantly lower the total cost of ownership for IT gear, since regularly updating servers and storage can result in the most efficient solution on the market.

With the asset management element, Verari's green program aims to recover and remarket any technology that is still usable, and take advantage of responsible e-waste recycling options to dispose of unusable materials.

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