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Green Mountain Energy Company Pledges to Reduce Climate Impact

Retail clean-energy provider Green Mountain Energy Company has teamed up with The Climate Trust, an Oregon nonprofit organization that promotes climate change solutions, to reduce the climate impacts of the electricity provider’s operations. The two organizations recently announced an agreement that supports energy-efficiency programs in Portland to offset a portion of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from Green Mountain’s nationwide business activities.

The agreement is made possible through The Climate Trust’s "Giving to Protect the Climate" program, which allows businesses to make a donation to expand The Climate Trust’s portfolio of projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Green Mountain expects its funds will prevent the emission of 1,200 tons of CO2 -- equal to 50% of Green Mountain Energy Company’s 2001 emissions of CO2 plus a portion of the company’s 2002 CO2 emissions. As part of the agreement, The Climate Trust will hold the offsets created in trust for the benefit of the environment.

"We applaud Green Mountain for its commitment to the environment and to the communities in which it does business," said Mike Burnett, executive director for The Climate Trust. “The issue of global warming affects us all, yet there are easy ways for both individuals and businesses to do something about it."

Since 1999, Green Mountain has calculated the CO2 emissions resulting from its daily business activities, including office energy and paper use, employee commuting, and corporate air travel. Through its Corporate Climate Mitigation Program, the company has offset half of each year’s emissions. The company will complete the remainder of its 2002 mitigation once that year’s CO2 accounting is done.

Green Mountain’s donation is one of many that are earmarked to be included among the funds allowing the City of Portland to expand two existing energy-efficiency building programs. These projects reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by reducing conventional electricity use:
  • Commercial Green Buildings – A program created to improve energy efficiency by 10% over the current Oregon energy code in 40 new or renovated commercial buildings.
  • Multi-Family Weatherization – A program aimed at weatherizing 12,000 multi-family housing units statewide by increasing awareness around the benefits of energy efficiency directly to property owners and improving access to technical information, contractors, rebates, state tax credits, and financing.

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