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Green Office Lease Unveiled for Canadian Companies

A variation of the National Standard Office Lease, industry association REALpac's new Green Office Lease aims to promote sustainability principles for landlords and tenants to achieve energy, water and resource conservation.

Six years after it began publishing its National Standard Office Lease, the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac) has modified that lease to meet the growing demand of environmentally minded property owners and tenants who want to incorporate sustainability and resource-use goals into their facility operations.

In addition to bringing businesses the option of setting targetings for energy, water, indoor air quality and recycling, the REALpac Green Office Lease enables landlords to carry out green renovations to existing buildings and also provides for both carbon offsetting by a landlord and future carbon trading.

Michael Brooks, the CEO of REALpac, said the new lease is aimed at landlords and tenants alike, who are looking to be environmentally responsible. Additionally, there is growing demand from tenants to move into or renovate office buildings that can help achieve corporate sustainability goals.

The lease encourages tenants to use sustainable materials and energy-efficient products in tenant improvements, and makes it easier for both the landlord and the tenant to adopt sustainable practices in the management, use and occupation of the building.

Among the many facets of building operations and renovations addressed in the lease are targets for energy and water conservation; green procurement guidelines for tenants and landlords; incorporating potentially higher-cost but renewable energy sources; the use of Energy Star-rated office machines and duplexing printers; and obligations for landlords to aim for or keep in line with LEED building certification or the Building Owners and Managers Association's Go Green standard.

More details and a copy of the National Standard Green Office Lease are available at

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