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GreenBiz Group announces first conference on the business of carbon removal

VERGE Carbon is slated for October 22-24 in Oakland, California.

VERGE Carbon, a first-of-its-kind conference on the business opportunities in reversing climate change, will join three concurrent events as part of the VERGE 19 conference and expo, Oct. 22-24 at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California.

The event focuses on carbon removal — the technologies and practices that result in drawing down carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and sequestering them in the soil, underground and in a wide range of innovative products and materials.

The three-day event will take place concurrently with VERGE Energy, VERGE Transport and VERGE Circular, comprising the VERGE 19 conference, which focuses on accelerating the clean economy. VERGE 19 is produced by GreenBiz Group, an Oakland-based media and events company focusing at the intersection of business, sustainability and innovation.

"Carbon removal is not only an essential piece of the climate solutions puzzle, it is also a tremendous business opportunity," said Shana Rappaport, GreenBiz vice president and VERGE executive director. "The launch of VERGE Carbon reflects our commitment to defining and accelerating another key market driving the clean economy, which has been central to VERGE events since their inception."

Carbon removal is not only an essential piece of the climate solutions puzzle, it is also a tremendous business opportunity.
The VERGE Carbon agenda will follow three tracks: biological solutions, such as forestry and farming practices that sequester carbon; carbontech, including materials and fuels made from greenhouse gases; and sequestration, which focuses on the capture and storage of greenhouse gases emitted during electricity generation and industrial processes.

"We are excited to play a role in igniting the conversation about carbon removal — and, beyond talk, spurring action to implement carbon-removal technologies at a scale, scope and speed that can reverse the impending climate crisis," said Joel Makower, GreenBiz Group chairman and executive editor. "And in the process, helping create a new generation of profitable companies and business units showing the way."

"The carbon removal sector is poised to grow exponentially," said Jim Giles, GreenBiz carbon analyst. "We believe VERGE Carbon will become the premier event for those seeking to learn how to seize the sector's emerging opportunities and, in the process, help reverse climate change."

VERGE Carbon’s advisers include Peter Byck, professor of practice, Arizona State University; Etosha Cave, founder, Opus 12; Jad Daley, president and CEO, American Forests; Noah Deich, executive director, Carbon 180; Marcius Extavour, executive director, Prize Operations, Energy & Resources, XPRIZE; Jon Foley, executive director, Project Drawdown; Julio Friedmann, senior scholar, Center for Global Energy Policy, Columbia University; Jan Mazurek,  director of the Carbon Dioxide Removal Fund at the Climateworks Foundation; Erin Meezan, vice president and chief sustainability officer, Interface; and Shauna Sadowski, head of sustainability, Natural & Organic Operating Unit, General Mills.

For more information about the VERGE Carbon and VERGE 19 programs, and to register, click here.

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