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Hitachi Consulting, Autodesk Zap Carbon with SAP

Hitachi Ltd.'s business and IT consulting company and design software development firm Autodesk have selected SAP's Carbon Impact on-demand solution to support their sustainability programs.

Hitachi Consulting and Autodesk signed on with business software giant SAP AG within months of each other to step up the accounting and assessment of their carbon footprint and all efforts across each company to reduce it.

Hitachi Consulting's corporate parent is striving to become emissions neutral by 2015. Hitachi Ltd.'s long-term goal is to help reduce global CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes by 2025 through sales of Hitachi products and services.

{related_content}Working with SAP, the consulting firm intends to develop best practices for using the comprehensive carbon accounting solution -- and determine whether and how to deploy it at other Hitachi divisions and company clients.

Autodesk decreased its carbon emissions per revenue dollar by 5 percent, per square foot of facilities by 19 percent and per employee by 9 percent in fiscal year 2009, compared to fiscal year 2008, according to the company. However, Autodesk's total emissions grew 1 percent between 2008 and 2009.

The company determined it needs to reduce absolute emissions in 2010 by 4.52 percent, based on its newly devised methodology for setting goals to reduce its carbon footprint.

Autodesk released the details of its Corporate Finance Approach to Climate-Stabilizing Targets, or C-FACT, in November. C-FACT enables companies to determine their carbon intensity ratio, and then set climate action goals that are proportional to what the firms contribute to the economy.

The calculation is based on gross profit relative to Gross National Product -- and would be recalculated each year so that firms adjust their goals for the following year based on their most recent performance. Autodesk has committed to using C-FACT at least through 2020 and has hopes for its adoption by other companies.

SAP's solution meets Autodesk's near-term needs for carbon monitoring, measuring and management, and it's "flexible enough to keep pace with changing dynamics and regulations,” said Emma Stewart, senior program lead for Autodesk’s sustainability initiative, in a prepared statement.

Image courtesy of SAP.


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