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Honeywell, Pittsburgh Housing Authority Embark on $25.1M Project

Honeywell Building Solutions and the Pittsburgh Housing Authority are working on a $25.1 million energy efficiency program that is to be financed by a projected $3.2 million annual savings in utility costs.

The chief component of the program will be Honeywell's installation of geothermal HVAC systems at the housing authority's Northview Heights, Homewood North and Arlington Heights mid-rise apartment buildings.

The new systems are to replace gas-fired furnaces at two of the complexes. At the third site, a central gas-fired boiler plant will be reconfigured for the new system and use the plant's existing piping. In addition to heating and cooling the building, the geothermal systems will pre-heat water for residents.

Honeywell also will upgrade traditional HVAC systems, lighting and plumbing and make other improvements for the housing authority. The work is expected to be complete by fall 2009, according to an announcement about the program on October 23.

The housing authority manages more than 7,000 public housing units and provides homes to more than 20,000 people at those sites and at locations managed by private landlords, who are compensated with rent vouchers.

Honeywell works more than 35 other housing authorities in the U.S. in similar energy efficiency programs.

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