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How corporate boards can accelerate sustainability

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. On this episode: Revealing the nuanced roles that board members can play.

"Larry Fink being a shareholder, employees ... they're all saying the same thing right now about ESG and socially responsible impact investing. So I think boards and managements are getting the message," said Darla Stuckey, executive director of the Society for Corporate Governance.

Yet when it comes to dealing with shareholders, nobody wants an "'in your face' kind of message," said Rose McKinney-James, Energy Works managing principal. They were joined onstage by Katherine Smith, executive director at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, at GreenBiz 18 in Phoenix in February.

What language can boards use to emphasize sustainability? How can a company move away from the "tone deafness" of looking purely from a cost standpoint? Where can influencers be found?

Read more about these questions and how sustainability managers can get the board's attention here, or watch a video of the entire discussion from GreenBiz 18 here.

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