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How to leverage science-based metrics in sustainability roles

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. On this episode: corporate sustainability and social responsibility leaders discuss how to effectively implement science-based metrics into business practices.

Metrics are critical for businesses to assess the success of their processes. Sustainable business professionals also track their processes — with science-based metrics.

Kevin Rabinovitch, the global vice president of sustainability for Mars, Alistair Hirst, the senior VP of global supply chain at Kellogg, and Gwen Migita, the social impact & inclusion VP, Chief Sustainability Officer at Caesars Entertainment, had a forum discussion on what they’ve learned about working with science-based metrics in their respective roles.

For Rabinovitch, Mars is a “science-based” business, so he follows scientists’ target climate numbers to “let the science drive the decision-making process, and then chase the business case that’s consistent with the science.” This way, he’s able to make his goals “look like what [employees] are used to dealing with,” only in different measured units.

Hirst’s experiences in supply chain at Kellogg have shown him that existing data is crucial for sustainability and science-based metrics, and the most crucial is choosing the data to use in decision-making that will lead to the most action. Meanwhile, Migita at Caesar’s Entertainment understands it’s harder to “build rigor” and quantify results for her social impact target goals, but that building partnerships internally and externally is key to creating a company culture that will maximize community impact.

Watch the entire conversation from GreenBiz Forum 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona here.

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