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How is Project Drawdown reversing global warming in 2018?

Climate scientists and business professionals know that most media coverage surrounding climate change focuses on the problem rather than the solutions. Project Drawdown, according to the organization’s senior writer Katharine Wilkinson, presents solutions.

The project exists in three states: as a bestselling book providing 100 solutions to climate change that are the culmination of a team of accomplished climate change scientists’ research; a nonprofit based out of Sausalito, California, focusing on mapping, modeling and communicating solutions to climate change; and "an aspiration for humanity."

Wilkinson and Joel Makower discussed the implications of the 2017 publication of the book at GreenBiz 18 in Phoenix. According to Wilkinson, the book has been mostly well-received by the international community and has compelled many businesses to consider implementing some of Project Drawdown’s recommendations. In the works is a $500 million fund that will be able to bring to fruition many of the book’s suggestions. 

Watch the entire conversation from this year's GreenBiz Forum in Phoenix here.

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