How Sonoco diverted more than 95 percent of landfill waste

Sonoco (NYSE:SON) last month announced that 19 of its facilities had diverted over 95 percent of their waste from landfills. The global packaging company said 19 of its North American industrial carriers facilities had achieved the feat, despite the difficulty of recycling non-fiber materials, like plastic wrap and metal. Four of the plants sent less than 1 percent of waste to landfill in 2011, helping them secure landfill-free status, while the remaining 15 plants sent 5 percent or less. The reduction in landfill waste is part of a company-wide initiative to make 10 percent of Sonoco's global manufacturing facilities landfill-free by 2015. 

"To see this level of buy-in by one of our divisions is very encouraging, and raises the bar for all company divisions," said Harry DeLoach Jr., chairman and CEO at Sonoco, in a statement.